The GC 100 Program

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The GC-100 Programís main objective is to help in the creation of an informational database, with a large number of scientific peer reviewed papers, relating to research on naturally occurring molecules and their potential in stimulating biochemical processes that could lead to human health benefits.

This database should facilitate in providing a general overview for researchers initiating and exploring this important field of life science.

In this web site, the GC100 program initially presented 100 basic abstracts on the above subject.

With time and with the help of our friends and viewers, we hope to increase the number of references, included in this informational database, to the thousands that have already been published on this subject, worldwide to date.

Research shown here has identified or demonstrated medicinal properties in naturally occurring molecules. The understanding and learning from this research material, could lead to the future development of new beneficial pharmaceutical products and treatments.

Although, in this database, we are able to show only the full abstract of each article; we have available, under request, the information necessary on how to obtain reprints of the full research paper.

In some cases, journal editors have made available a free of charge, .pdf. version of the full text of that article.

We would sincerely appreciate your suggestion to include any new abstract; links to research web sites, and/or links to full text articles you would like to see included in this database

Please e-mail us your request or any suggestions to
Thank you. .

Please appreciate that the creation of the GC100 program is an entirely voluntary effort.

Everyone who is able to understand and appreciate the  potential this knowledge has for the improvement of human life, can not allow his or her heart to remain passive.

The web is free, thank God. There is no printing cost involved. Therefore there is no charge to access it, neither is there a need to ask for donations or contributions to make this kind of web site available to everyone interested.

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