General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Annual Conference:
Molecular Detection and Prevention of Cancer,
June 20-21, 1995, Bethesda, MD, 1995. (199

Causes and prevention of cancer
(Meeting abstract).Ames AN
University of California Berkeley  CA 94720

Aging appears to be in good part due to the oxidants produced as by-products of normal metabolism. These oxidants, such as superoxide and  hydrogen peroxide, are the same mutagens that are produced by radiation, and cause damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids. The main source of dietary  antioxidants is fruits and vegetables. Insufficient fruit and vegetables consumption increases the rate of most types of cancer about two fold as shown by about 200 epidemiological studies that are remarkably consistent. Better diet is thought to be a major  contributor to the constantly increasing life expectancy in the US  and the decreasing (age-adjusted) cancer death rates in nonsmokers. Seventh-Day Adventists—who generally do not smoke, drink heavily, or eat much meat but do eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables—have an overall cancer mortality about half that of the general US population and live several years longer. The three main causes of cancer are smoking, dietary imbalances, and chronic infections leading to chronic inflammation.   The age-adjusted cancer death rate in the US for all cancers combined (excluding those attributable to smoking) has declined 14% since  1950, while life expectancy increases every year.  There are over 1000 chemicals reported in a cup of coffee. Only 26 have been tested in  animal cancer tests and more than half are rodentcarcinogens...

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